Digital Capital Markets Solutions

The rise of digital assets is the next innovation wave

Primary and Secondary Markets
Issue and trade digital assets natively on chain, or dematerialize existing securities, allowing for a full digital lifecycle.

Financial Services
Provide brokerage, custody and digital asset exchange services at reduced cost.

Instantly deliver and settle (DvP) assets and payments peer to peer or via any existing payment rail.

Digital assets, including securities, will fundamentally change the nature of financial services and how they are consumed.

The ability to represent securities as digital assets using blockchain or distributed ledger technology is creating new markets for previously illiquid assets, reducing risk and cost in post-trade operations.

Digital securities boost market efficiency by enabling end-to-end solutions, combining trading, settlement and custody services across the value chain into one seamless offering, thereby unlocking liquidity in previously illiquid markets.

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Digital Securitization

Firms looking to raise capital are faced with an expensive and inefficient process involving multiple intermediaries. The costs and complexity are unsustainable for many firms. This situation is driving firms to look at alternative ways to raise capital - and many are turning to digital securitization to save costs and benefit from increased efficiency. DASL transforms corporate assets and liabilities into investable digital securities with minimum implementation and infrastructure demands. From receivables to fixed assets, loans to real-estate - and from single exposures to whole portfolios. DASL is a purpose-built digital securities issuance platform to automate processes and eliminate complexities and inefficiencies.

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Digital Asset Exchange (DAX)

Digital asset exchanges are the key to enabling the truly global markets of the future, simultaneously facilitating trading and reducing the operational risks around digital securities issuance, transfer and settlement. Issuers and Investors both require digital trading venues that provide price discovery and seamless post-trade settlement. DASL makes it easy for exchanges to upgrade to offering digital securities by integrating digital asset technology into their existing infrastructure or using it to build a new digital platform. Whether on a public or private network, achieve seamless, immutable and secure transfer of assets and value between counterparties, while maintaining the highest levels of privacy, security, performance and finality.

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Firms looking to send and receive money, especially across borders are faced with an expensive and inefficient process involving multiple intermediaries. Digital assets offer an effective way to make and receive payments and avoid punitive transaction fees and delayed settlements. DASL automates payments, reconciliation and DvP (Delivery versus Payment). From major currencies to crypto-currencies - over existing payment rails and new blockchain ledgers. Delivering a purpose-built digital settlement platform to automate processes, eliminate inefficiencies and save cost.

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Decentralised Exchange (DEX/DEFI)

DASL makes it easy for firms to replace the existing buy/sell orderbook structure with automated market makers (AMM). DASL’s decentralized automated liquidity protocol supports secondary trading, allowing firms to easily create a decentralized exchange (DEX) for their clients.

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