The power of DASL

A robust application designed specifically for mission-critical, highly-regulated environments.

Modern HTML5 web user interface

Complete feature coverage, as well as a modern OpenAPI ready to integrate within your existing architecture.

Unlimited user defined multi-asset accounts

Hold fiat, crypto and other digital assets simultaneously.

Flexible reporting using tagging and metadata

Providing complex account hierarchies and client/regulatory reporting.

Create digital financial instruments

Cash, equities, loans, bonds, funds and other assets, including high precision digital assets such as crypto-currencies.

"DASL provides SEBA with an immediate and secure platform for our Digital Securities product range. We look forward to combining our strengths with those of DASL to further enhance our client solutions and services.”

Matthew Alexander

Head Tokenization at SEBA Bank

Learn about DASL Solutions

Private peer-to-peer “email-style” transfer

Transfer digital assets across a Corda network, 24/7 using human readable addresses, Request for Trade (RFT) and Request for Quote (RFQ) OTC trading.

Digital Asset Registry

Issue and deliver Coupons and Dividends to token holders.

Interoperability with leading public blockchain networks

Native issuance and secure transfer of Corda tokens and ERC20 and other crypto-tokens between Corda and other crypto networks.

Enhanced, flexible settlement and escrow workflow

Customizable settlement API can be integrated into bank accounts and crypto wallets.

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