DASL Technology

The trusted solution

DASL provides a peer-to-peer architecture across multiple distributed ledgers. Creating a flexible solution that aids in accelerating your build timeline as either a library within your solution or as a standalone component of your architecture.

Built on a finance
grade blockchain

DASL is designed specifically for highly-regulated environments where identity, security, scalability, resilience and integration are required.

DASL Technology

Public or private

Achieve seamless, immutable and secure transfer of assets and value, while maintaining the highest levels of privacy, security, performance and finality across all transactions in regulated environments.

DASL Technology

A fully managed

We offer a fully managed service with experienced engineers for both your network and nodes, and your clients’ nodes. Your Corda nodes are hosted by our partner cloud providers providing High Availability and Disaster Recovery while your data is replicated, encrypted and backed up to protect data.

DASL Technology

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    Full QA pipeline with audit, code-reviews, full-scale environment testing of all changes from inception to deployment of your CorDapp. Managed continuous integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) of your CordDapp. Scripts for setting up local environments for your developers are also available.

    DASL Technology

    Built on Corda

    DASL builds on top of industry standard DLT: Corda, Corda Settler SDK and Corda Tokens SDK, Cordite. Corda is used by over 200 technology and industry partners, bringing a multitude of organizations into sync, in real-time, through shared facts.

    DASL Technology

    Built to industry
    security standards

    Corda is the only blockchain platform which has been endorsed by leading standards agencies such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Crucially, the use of industry standard technologies and network consensus mechanism, makes it the easiest to gain approval in a regulated environment.

    DASL Technology

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